Sally Dutton shares her personal witness of Yeshua (Jesus).

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You can hear more from Sally on her Blog


0:00      Welcome-Intro
1:00      Opening prayer-Sally
2:37      Taylor’s Sabbath
4:07      Reason behind doing interview
7:02      Little Background-childhood
10:22    Raised in LDS church-Ricks college, Married
12:07    Birth of Derek-NICU, Atonement/My personal Savior
20:20    Taylor- humble or humble yourself-Move to Missouri/Leap of Faith
26:22    Baptism by Fire
33:22    Need Charity- Moses 6:60
33:50    After B of F, RS Pres.-help sisters
             Taylo’rs B of F
37:18    Fruits of B of F
39:20    2 Nephi 32 Fruit-Tongue of Angels
43:14    Fruits of B of F
47:32    Taylor- breakdown of Temple Endowment-Matt Crockett
                        Men- temptations is External no longer Internal
52:32    Still a Pharisee, Spirit of the Law, Calling and Election Made Sure
57:47    10 years praying for CEMS-Abrahamic Sacrifice
1:02:07  2nd Annointing
1:18:10  Spring 2013 read Visions of Glory- * Paradigm Shift*
1:23:55  Hearing the Voice of the Lord-Learning Styles/Intelligences
1:27:17  Same time attacks from Adversary
1:29:24  Taylor-dealing with Tempt.-Cast it out/banish the spirit
1:31:24  Spirit of Contention, 3 voices
1:33:38  Sabbath Is a Delight
1:48:39  Perfect Love Casteth Our Fear
1:57:11  Ask, Seek, Knock, God Reliant
1:58:53  Visit from the Savior- Tubal Pregnancy
2:12:00  Angels, Belief-Faith-Knowledge, Identify things of the Spirit, Color Blue
2:16:30  Pop Quiz, giving No strings attached, Angels in Disguise
2:26:39  Dead wrong on 1st Impressions, Many Missions
2:36:56  Pulling out the Weeds
2:48:13 Free in Christ
             Communicating Spirit to Spirit (Native Americans)
             Spheres of Truth
2:55:53 Forgiveness- ‘We Damned Each Other’
3:04:00 Role of Mother, Peacemakers
3:09:36 Taylor’s Thoughts
3:16:01 Voice of the Lord
              PH Blessings like Personal Scriptures
3:18:18 Closing- Taylor’s prayer

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