Elizabeth Jensen shares her experience with Christ and his Wife

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Elizabeth Jenson Interview Part 1

We got cut off on part 1, so catch the continuation in part 1b

Elizabeth Jenson Interview Part 1b

Elizabeth Jenson Part 2



7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Jensen shares her experience with Christ and his Wife

  1. Found you because of Upwardthought.blog which linked to Matt Crockett’s interview, which was wonderful! Thank you for what you are doing!

  2. Elizabeth makes some comments about how visions of Glory does not match up with the scriptures as she understood them. Avraham Gilida shows where what spence (tom) saw in his book MOST OF WHICH DOES match up with Isaiah. I highly recommend it. ABOUT 5 HOURS FOR $10. Avraham went to isreal with Tom (spencer) and read the 1/3 of the his writing which did not get in his book. http://www.josephandjudah.com/p/store_29.html

    1. It’s been a long time since I read it but I recall some funny things like — I was turned off by Jesus being in a suit in the conference center with all the current Church leaders who I personally don’t believe are good shepherds. The Church leaders also were magically twinkled to places like Cardston even though the lower-class people had to trek there and endure hardships. Also there were funny comments about how people from other cultures who came to Zion had to give up their dress and become like modest Mormons and could wear “Mormon bling” etc. Just silly stuff like that turned me off a bit. Jesus had an office in the temple…? Wha?

  3. It is a false visitation. She should have tested the spirits. But she was so set on experiencing “the second comforter” that she wanted to believe that it was really of God.

    Contrary to what she claims to have succeeded in doing, Jesus cannot be “summoned” by us to appear before us. Jesus and his wife are not our parents. Adam and his wives are our parents. Study the Adam-God doctrine. Jesus has multiple wives as well.

    Denver Snuffer has been totally taken over by the adversary to deceive the elect. Just look at his blog! He wants to throw out D&C 132 and basically rewrite the scriptures. He hates polygamy, which totally desecrates the glory of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, and so many other men of God, including over 40 polygamous men in the Bible.


    Denver also sets women over men, which destroys the dignity of the man. This is totally evil and contrary to God’s plan.

  4. I just wanted to express my gratitude for these interviews and this website. Hearing from women in particular has been especially uplifting and encouraging to me. Thank you all for your openness and courage. God bless.

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